Crazyhorse: Writing in Charleston

After surviving the civil war, violent hurricanes, and southern reconstruction, the charming city of Charleston rose to an everlasting poem of grandeur and grace, a maze of cobblestone stanzas. Charleston's ancient live oaks wear their hair down, untrimmed, and gray, and those knotted strands blow ghostlike in the breeze. Perfumed flowers of a thousand varieties never fail to lure me behind iron gates where quaint gardens and curving pathways hide. And if I sit and wait, I eventually feel, rather than hear, the heartbeat of the city, the pulsing rhythm of the past and the present. And this is where writers from all over the country came together for the 2013 Crazyhorse Writers Conference. The College of Charleston lives in the heart of it all, near magnificent churches and cathedrals and pastel mansions and saltwater marshes.

It will seduce you.

Randolph Hall , College of Charleston

Randolph Hall

Scott Cairns (If you read poetry, you know his works.)

Adam Johnson, author of "The Orphan Master's Son"---Good Lord!  If you haven't read it, you need to buy it today!

A reading at the Charleston Library Society

Bret Lott. You know his novels.  Jewel.  The Hunt Club. Dead Low Tide. Jewel.  And others. (He's a man with a kind heart.)

Patricia Hampl. "The Florist's Daughter".  I'm about to read it.

Emily Rosco, poetry editor for Crazyhorse. (a darned good poet, too)

 I couldn't stay for the entire conference and some of the photos blurred.  I wish I had more photographs to share.

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